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SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI offers its clients thirty years' professional experience in planning and organising events. SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI sets out to offer a service well beyond satisfaction of the required quality standards and observance of the safety regulations, accompanied by painstaking attention to even the smallest details. SILMEC events are planned and organised using special fittings made individually for each client to comply with the ergonomics of the place where the event is to be held. Communicating via SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI is creative, essential, sober, captivating and exclusive.


Analysing your needs

Identification of what the client wants to communicate to its reference target.
Evaluation of the event location chosen by the client through an on-site inspection or specific information provided by the client. SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI can now get on with planning the event. If the event is to be held in an outdoor public /private space such analysis consists of SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI assessing feasibility, access for loading/unloading the structures,requesting the permits needed to access restricted traffic areas, the regulations related to preservation of historic buildings situated in the town centre, verification of the electricity supplies and provision of the service on site.
If the event is to be held in an indoor area in a pre-existing structure SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI's task consists of a specific assessment of the ergonomics of the premises, of the existing electricity supply, monitoring of the levels of heating or cooling present in the area intended for the event, observation of fixed and mobile points present in the premises, calculation of the space available for the design of the structure, assessment of the lighting intensity and audio capacity needed for the successful outcome of the activities planned during the event, analysis and compliance with the pre-existing aesthetic elements of the area to be fitted out.


Planning of the event involves the entire SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI team.
The public relations manager deals with external relations, performs the initial inspection of the site chosen for the event, deals with the rendering, that is to say the creative design from a graphic angle and provides such information to the administrative office so that it can draw up the relative estimate as regards the technical organisation aspect. The technical organisation and administrative office checks and prepares the estimate with details of the materials and the measurements of the furnishings and furnishing accessories needed to fit out the client's location.
Contemporarily, the office sends such documentation to the warehouse manager to check that all the structures needed are available and to verify the condition of the same in the SILMEC warehouse. The warehouse manager co-ordinates the structures and materials needed for the various events being held at the same time so as to ensure that those needed to set up the event are present.
SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI also conducts market research to locate companies hiring furnishing accessories, lighting or design elements and thereby offer the client the best solution.
If an event is being organised abroad, the administrative office deals with preparing the customs documentation for transport of the structures.
There is a constant exchange of information between SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI and the client so as to offer tailored advice able to provide the best solution, to accurately identify the materials to be used and the required number of each single piece for the event. SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI also provides photographs of the furnishings or furnishing accessories with measurements, sizes and perspective views.


Most of our structures are manufactured by the SILMEC production department which is able to manufacture lightweight steel structures, ensuring the high quality of the materials produced. SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI pays special attention to waste disposal, showing its commitment to the environment by collaborating with firms specialised in recycling.


SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI are ready to prepare and assemble the structures which are self-supporting so as to leave the existing location unaltered. The same care is taken with outdoor venues, with verification of the access routes to the location, the roads, weights and widths of relative means of transport so as to comply with the regulations of the local public authorities. The attention to detail in the structures produced even takes into account aspects related to the weather and time of year which may require modification of some structural components. SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI is able to perform the modifications needed to the structures to be used in loco, internally.


A SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI collaborator is present during the event itself to deal with any problems which require solving. Such staff are able to handle ordinary and critical situations related to the structures, audio-video systems and small electrical works, cleaning, ergonomic management of the structure in the light of changing weather conditions, location of materials, handling the arrival of guests at the event. The staff present in the company, perform reach-back activities to listen to client's needs and organise the most appropriate response for the entire duration of the event.


SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI staff make sure structures are dismantled within the times agreed by the event organisers, while the final cleaning of the location in line with the existing landscape elements is also performed with the maximum attention.


SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI has worked with its partner companies for over twenty years developing a complete service to offer its clients. Our external partners involved in specific event support activities provide the following services:

- carpentry
- printing and silkscreen printing
- audio-video and direction
- flowers and plants
- catering
- security service
- furnishings hire
- architectural and engineering consultancy

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