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Thanks to over thirty years' experience in planning and organising events, Silmec is sure of offering you the best possible support for your advertising and marketing activities. We are specialised in: business meetings, congresses, gala evenings, exhibitions, stands, training activities, technical back-up, team building activities, reception facilities on Italian and European racing circuits, the realisation of test drive circuits, the production of material for graphics purposes, customisation and gadgets . Our skilled graphic design and compliance with the client's guidelines means we can offer stimulating creative ideas which are at the same time realistic and in keeping with the location. We work with advertising agencies, catering companies, audio/video operators and public bodies in the knowledge that availability is the key factor for the effective production of a quality event.



SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI aims its services at events promotion and advertising agencies and to private customers.
SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI clients are demanding, looking for a tailor-made event to thrill the end customer. SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI works in Italy and abroad setting up on-site and travelling events. Among the services offered, SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI can set up and organise business meetings, congresses, gala evenings, art exhibitions, stands, fashion shows, training activities, technical back-up for team building activities, reception facilities on Italian and European racing circuits, test drive circuits.


The event is the transmission of an idea, a value, a lifestyle which SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI creates while staying true to the client's brand concept. Creative ideas based on a realistic vision, always in keeping with the pre-existing location.


SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI offers its services with the following principles in mind:

  • Observance of the legislation relative to the operational safety plan pursuant to legislative Decree no. 81/2008
  • Certification of structural suitability, report on conformity of the fittings and, if required, technical reports on SILMEC's products and structures and those of its partner companies
  • All those working for SILMEC ALLESTIMENTI internally have a regular employment contract
  • Team work with collaborators
  • Realisation of structures suitable for use by the diversely able
  • Safeguarding of the environment through the intelligent disposal of SILMEC products and structures.

A world
of ideas

Allestimento eventi

Silmec Allestimenti
will plan and organise
the event of your dreams.

Event organisation

Un mondo di idee

Turnkey solutions
for corporate events
and exhibitions

mincio boat

Nave mincio

Enjoy the excitement
of being on Lake Garda
on board the Mincio.


Tour feste e cerimonie

Personalised organisation
of private events. All that's missing
for your party is you!

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